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We are an Eclectic Dianic Eco-Neo Shamanistic Pagan Network of Covens and Solitaries in North America.

We also operate a online study group for adults hearing the call to expand your understanding of this form of spirituality.

We are a group of mixed backgrounds but the majority of our members have native American ancestors and many have or still live on Indian reservations or tribal trust lands. We interact for the good of the planet, our Earth Mother, while we strive to develop our understandings and use of herbs, Tarot, I Ching, Pagan practices, Meditations, Astro Projection, and the Munay-Ki and MaKay’Ru. We listen to our spirit guides and are active Earthkeepers in these changing times.

Exploring the "Great Mystery" by way of a Circle and the forces in the Universe.

We interact in the world of form and the invisible realms, on this plane and elsewhere. We are explorers, and practitioners of Shamanism and are comfortable with many labels as long as it is clearly understood we work for the good of all and the harm of none.

Our group has expanded to be a place for shared studies for both solitary journeying seekers and group coven members enjoying social interactions and stimulating conversation.

Sharing becomes teaching. All who walk the path toward spiritual knowledge have lessons to share. Therefore all are Teachers and all are Students on this plane of existence. As we are ready to receive, the teacher comes.

The Green Craft of the Wise, is where natural witchcraft elevates the "self" to union with the "Source", enhancing the personal power of the Witch and or Shaman through the energies of herbs and Words of Power and directing this to accomplish what is needed.

This group is an evolutionary process of the trails of a seeker, the sage, the shaman, the witch. Here within our Circle, both physically and spiritually created, we develop our growth and understanding of our place and potential in a limitless array of time and space options.
Children of the Green Goddess, practitioners of the Craft of the Wise.

Lady Youngdeer
Children of the Green Goddess Network